Françoise von Roy

Script Consultant

Based in Berlin, Françoise von Roy works internationally as a script advisor on very diverse projects, including genre, experimental, documentary and art film. Apart from consulting on individual productions, she also tutors for the Venice Biennale Cinema College and consults on projects selected by BOOST NL (Cinemart and Holland Film Meetings), and the German Ministry of Culture and Media (BKM) and the Nipkow programme. In 2017 she was a guest lecturer at the dffb, the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin, and the University of Malta.

Together with Franz Rodenkirchen she holds the bimonthly script development workshop Script Circle for writers and filmmakers and the intensive workshop 6 Days of Practice for producers, development executives and others involved in script development. Françoise has worked in the film and television industry since the late 1990’s, in various fields of production and development from location and production manager to creative producer and head of development.

From 2008 to 2014 she was artistic director for Cinema Total, a yearly event held during the Berlin International Film Festival, presenting films and filmmakers from Central and Eastern Europe and promoting co-operation in the region. Françoise holds a BA in Film and Philosophy and an MA in Media Production from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.

Consulting Fee full day 600 €
Consulting Fee half day 350 €
Hourly Fee 90 €
Prep fee scripts 300 €
Prep fee follow-up scripts 150 €
Prep fee treatments 150 €